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Adult nursing milk

Atlanta resident Jennifer Mulford does not look like someone the Daily Mail would describe as the "woman who shocked the world," save one detail: She likes to breastfeed her boyfriend. Fetishes, for the most part, aren't all that shocking anymore; you can read about anal sex on Buzzfeed and get BDSM tips from Women's Health. But something about this fetish was too much for people to deal with. Online comments ranged from "disgusting" and "grotesque" to "this makes my skin crawl and I'm dry heaving. Nothing goes viral quite like outrage—the Mail article was retweeted 2, times. There are numerous online communities for ABF Adult Breastfeeding , where people can share their collective interest in a safe environment and reassure one another that they aren't alone. It's also a place to swap tips on how to induce and maintain lactation if you aren't pregnant.
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Woman Quits Her Job To Focus On Breastfeeding Her Boyfriend

Adult nursing milk
Adult nursing milk
Adult nursing milk
Adult nursing milk
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Why an Adult Nursing Relationship? - Dreams of Milk

They have a clear affection for each other, touching each other gently on the shoulder when one says something the other appreciates and often looking at each other lovingly throughout conversation. Their respect and adoration for one another comes through even over a Skype call from their home in Queensland, Australia. Their home appears cozy and comfortable, and Garett works long hours while Ellie stays home and tends to household needs. For many, there is a sexual aspect to the nursing part of their relationship, but Adult Nursing Relationships ANRs are not strictly sexual. On the social media site FetLife, which serves people interested in BDSM and kink, a few thousand users discuss how they simply enjoy the act of suckling or exchanging milk while cuddling or watching TV on some nights, while on other nights the milk exchange may be part of their foreplay or sex itself. The dynamics of these relationships can be incredibly varied, and they are not limited to heterosexual pairings — there are many women who enjoy the act of suckling a partner, too. Some are women who decided to induce lactation for their own reasons — perhaps they were unable to have children and lactating makes them feel more connected to their femininity, or provides some sort of emotional satisfaction — and enjoy sharing their milk with partners.
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Why an Adult Nursing Relationship?

I have always been fascinated by lactation. By breasts, breastmilk, the art of feeding. But in March , the canopy concealing this unusual prepossession even from myself , was blown wide open by a person I had briefly known at school, who I came to know as Zoo.
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Hi, my wife and i are stsrting an adult nursing relationship and i was wondering if anyone had some pointers on this subject. We are both new to this and not sure of everything like procedures and how to get her to lactation. There used to be two websites that had directions and suggestions for inducing lactation. Sadly, the owner of the "Land of Milk and Honey" sold it and it is not as good nor as helpful as it once was. Happily, the owner of "Milk and Honey" has created a new site.
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